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A Future & A Hope Ministries (AF&AH) is a religious nonprofit in the state of Washington.  Our vision is to provide long-term pastoral care to individuals and families.  We are committed to helping people identify personal challenges and find creative and healthy ways to mature.  Individual appointments, group classes and topic-based seminars are tools used by AF&AH to aid in healing and growth. People of all Christian denominations feel at home within the AF&AH community.

Alice R. Maxson M.A. is founder and pastor of AF&AH.  Alice’s undergraduate studies are in Developmental Theory, Psychology and Music.  She has a B.A. double major in Special Education and Music from Northern Colorado College in Greely, CO.  She completed the Institute of Pastoral Counseling with Emerge Ministries and an M.A. in Woman’s Studies from Trinity College and Seminary.  She was ordained in 1991.

Donald D. Maxson has been married to Alice since 1981.  He is retired from the food industry.  Don was ordained in 2002.  Don co-leads the men’s class as well as maintaining an active intercession for all activities of the ministry.  Don and Alice live a model of Christian marriage that emphasized mutual honor and affirmation.

What We Believe

We believe each person has worth, no matter past, present, or future issues in life.

We believe in God and in God’s love for all people.

We believe God speaks to each person in unique ways and each person deserves a chance to be heard.

We believe in the power of community, the power of Grace and the power of Healing to bring each person to their full potential.

We believe every person has a purpose and everyone can realize that purpose through knowing and understanding Jesus.

We believe there is a plan for this universe and that plan can be discovered through the Bible.

AF&AH is affiliated with the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, a Christ-Centered denomination of Evangelical Quakers headquartered in Newberg, Oregon. 

Further information on our specific beliefs can be found on the website

P.O. Box 58114  |  Renton, WA 98058  |  Phone: 206.276.7798