Cleansing Stream will be starting up again in February 2018. An informational meeting will be held in Renton on February 4 and in Northgate on February 5. For more information, please email us by clicking here.
Session 1:
A Christian can learn to bring spirit, soul and body into submission to the power of the Holy Spirit. The first session emphasizes overcoming personal issues in daily life. Each person's privacy is carefully respected.
  1. An Intimate Walk with God
  2. Blocks to Spiritual Success
  3. The Power of the Soul
  4. Understanding God's Grace in a New Way
Session 2:
In the second session, the class studies trust and its effect upon our faith. Many people have been unable to fully trust God, others, or themselves for a variety of reasons.
  1. Conquering Temptation
  2. Conquering Fear & Anxiety
  3. Always and Never
Session 3:
Once basic concepts are presented in the video, this session is individualized to meet the needs of the class, concentrating study on the numerous ways words affect our lives and world view.
  1. Bind and Loose
  2. Self-Talk
  3. Verbal and/or Spiritual Abuse
Session 4:
In preparation for the Cleansing Stream Retreat, the class becomes skilled in the steps of daily cleansing. This effective process is taught from scripture and clarified to the participants.
  1. R.R.B.B.
  2. New Name
  3. The Most Common Temptation
The retreat is the highlight of the Cleansing Stream Experience. The weekend is filled with praise and worship, teaching and prayer. Topics remain private between the participant and God. All who attend report significant life changes as they submit to the powerful prayers of the Cleansing Stream team.
Session 5:
True faith is not a series of special events, but daily living. In this final session we complete the Cleansing Stream Seminar by learning habits of daily righteousness.
  1. Keeping on Keeping on
  2. Cleansing the Home
  3. Reflex to Righteousness
  4. Nurturing Discernment


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